Welcome to HOMERuN

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Like all projects long in the making, HOMERuN has an origin story. Ours begins in a sushi restaurant in Northampton, where Peter Lindenauer and I observed – over an excellent lunch – that Hospitalists lacked a quality improvement and health innovation national organization similar to our colleagues in Neonatology or Surgery.   Thus was this concept of a broad based learning collaborative born.

HOMERuN has done great work since its beginning – doing seminal work on how readmissions might be prevented, engaging patients in understanding how hospital transitions might be improved, and – more recently – studies on the utility of lab testing in pneumonia, as well as how ‘Very Important Person’ services are delivered in the hospital.

These projects are but the beginning.  HOMERuN has, with support from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute, PCORnet, and a number of Clinical Data Research Networks and Patient Powered Research Networks, begun a period of rapid growth into a Cooperative Research Group (CRG).

The HOMERuN CRG will adhere to HOMERuN’s mission and vision by developing research that 1) Focuses on reducing fragmentation in care, 2) Seeks to understand how people recover from illness – not just leave the hospita, and 3) Examines health care appropriateness from healthsystems’, physicians’, and patients’ viewpoints.

How do you get involved?

First, have no compunctions about asking us – use the Contact Us page.

Secondly – watch this space. We will be opening up a ‘Call for Ideas’ competition in the coming 6 weeks.  Our Ideas competition will solicit both your ideas about comparative effectiveness, clinical trial, or observational studies HOMERuN and its partners might support this year.

With that – Welcome to our journey!  We are glad to have you here with us.