Burnout, Wellness and Professional Meaning

Strategic Plan

Vision: To create a field of thriving hospitalists.

Mission: Our mission is to advance the science of wellness and meaning in the field of hospital medicine by developing rigorously evaluated recommendations for the measurement, infrastructure, and cultural changes necessary to build and maintain a meaningful, purposeful and joyful long-term career in the field.

Values: Emphasize tools, resources, and supportive work culture over personal resilience; Embed more abstract concepts like wellness, and joy in work with pragmatism, feasibility and actionability; Value and appreciate all hospitalists and each other; Transparency; Vulnerability; Growth; Inclusivity; Excellence

Strategic Goals

Facilitate Feasible and Relevant Wellness Measurement Strategies for Hospitalist Groups


Review wellness measurement literature

Assess wellness measurement tools from viewpoint of hospitalists with wellness expertise

Study hospital medicine wellness measurement status quo and areas for innovation and improvement

Tactic: Literature review of wellness measurement articles

Tactic: Develop rubric and evaluate measurement tools from hospitalist perspective

Tactic: Disseminate pragmatic and hospitalist-centric approach to selecting and using wellness measurement tools

Tactic: HOMERuN focus groups on wellness measurement

Tactic: Emphasize actionable suggestions for improvement

Ideas: Consider pathway for helping groups design own wellness measurement tool; Advocate for increased accessibility of more costly measurement tools; Offer webinar/talks to groups looking to choose a measurement strategy; Consider the pros/cons of benchmarking

Wellness measurement literature and tool review paper

Wellness measurement workshop

Wellness measurement perspectives piece

Assess the Current State of Wellness Infrastructure in Hospital Medicine


Evaluate the concrete infrastructure hospitalist groups devote to wellness

Identify trends and opportunities for improvement in wellness infrastructure

Tactic: Survey hospital medicine groups regarding finances, roles, resources, leadership support devoted to wellness

Tactic: Apply quality metrics and financial and leadership principles and practices to wellness

Tactic: Emphasize actionable suggestions for improvement in infrastructure

Tactic: Apply rigor and bite to an area traditionally considered “soft”

Ideas: Consider focus groups addressing infrastructure; consider developing standards for the field with regard to roles, financial support, measurement etc.

In discussion and exploration of focused questions, experience from our own institutions

Explore and understand Professional Meaning for Hospitalists


Focus on the professional meaning derived from the clinical work of hospital medicine

Explore whether professional meaning factors in departures from the field

Tactic: Evaluate the current state and best practices for identifying professional meaning in hospital medicine

Tactic: Assess the role of clinical excellence in professional meaning and joy in work

Tactic: Study what is necessary to become a hospitalist master clinician

Ideas: Consider case studies of hospitalist master clinicians; roadmap to clinical excellence in hospital medicine; survey or interviews of hospitalists who have left the field

Survey study of wellness infrastructure (underway)

Project to Disseminate wellness interventions with positive impact on well-being

Model Wellness for each other and ourselves


Foster, support and nurture one another

Tactic: Respect and value the contributions of the entire team

Tactic: Recognize the competing demands for members of our group and support each other in our work

Tactic: Promote and facilitate scholarly achievement and recognition for each other

Tactic: Engage in our work together with gratitude and joy

Ideas: Facilitate further social gatherings; incorporate dedicated peer mentorship time amidst our meetings for project work

Meet at national meetings

Share authorship and project lead opportunities

Collaborative Team Lead Names

Elizabeth A Murphy, MD, SFHM, Assistant Professor University of Chicago

Krishna Chokshi, MD, Assistant Professor, Mount Sinai


Member names and institutions:

  • Ashwini Niranjan-Azadi, MD, Johns Hopkins
  • Ruby Marr, MD, University of Michigan
  • Andrew Schram, MD, MBA, University of Chicago
  • James Clements, Oregon Health Sciences University
  • Kanapa Kornsawad, MD, UT San Antonio
  • Pinky Jha, MD, University of Wisconsin
  • Omrana Pasha-Razzak, MD, CUNY School of Medicine
  • Geraldine Ménard, MD, Tulane University School of Medicine
  • Jack Badawy, MD, UT Health San Antonio
  • Natalie Schwatka, MD, University of Colorado
  • Deepti Rao, MD, University of New Mexico
  • Sara Westergaard, MD, University of Wisconsin
  • Holly Day, MD, UT Health San Antonio
  • Gena Walker, MD, St. Clair Health
  • Valerie Lang, MD, University of Rochester

How the group works to achieve HOMERuN Vision and Mission

To transform patient care by fostering, a culture of innovation, collaboration, and support for hospital, medicine teams, dedicated to discovering, evaluating, and implementing breakthroughs in healthcare.

Empower and nurture hospital, medicine, teams to develop and implement innovative solutions to elevate the quality, safety, equity, and value of care for hospitalized patients from hospitalization to recovery.

Patient centered, collaborative, diversity, generalizable, effective, sustainable

In the pursuit of HOMERuN’s vision and mission, our subgroup places a pivotal focus on addressing burnout, wellness, and professional meaning for hospitalists. Recognizing the direct impact of hospitalist well-being on patient care quality, we are driven by the primary emphasis to create a field of thriving healthcare professionals.

Originating from the heightened awareness of stress and burnout during the COVID crisis, our diverse workgroup, comprising representatives from across the country, actively identifies gaps in current hospital medicine literature related to wellness. Leveraging the HOMERuN infrastructure, we collaboratively explore frontline questions, aiming to better understand, measure, and support hospitalist wellness and professional meaning.

Our current initiatives involve interpreting and adapting wellness measurement tools from a hospitalist lens, facilitating practical choices for programs to assess their wellness strategies. Simultaneously, we strive to quantify existing wellness infrastructure, seeking standardization and optimization. Additionally, we delve into maximizing joy in work and professional meaning by assessing reasons for hospitalist turnover and developing strategies for master hospitalist clinicians. Each of these endeavors aligns with the broader HOMERuN objectives, contributing to the elevation of care quality, safety, equity, and value for hospitalized patients.

Furthermore, our workgroup is dedicated to upholding the values of collaboration and diversity outlined in the HOMERuN 2023 vision and mission statement. Applying rigor, science, feasibility, and pragmatism, we navigate the complex arena of wellness, honoring the lofty pursuit of professional meaning within the hospital medicine field. Through these concerted efforts, our subgroup actively participates in the collective mission to transform patient care through innovative, collaborative, and supportive approaches.

Current Projects:




Wellness Measurement Tool Review Paper

Niranjan-Azadi, Murphy

Manuscript in process

Survey Study of Wellness Infrastructure


In process, finalizing survey

Wellness Measurement Workshop

Nranjan-Azadi, Marr, Chokshi, Murphy

Given at Mid-Atlantic SGIM Sept 23
Upcoming, SGIM 2024

Perspectives on Wellness Measurement


In process, focus groups completed



  • Ashwini, N, Marr, R, Murphy, E, Chokshi, K. Designing Well-Being Interventions: Turning the Pebbles in your shoes into Actionable Stepping Stones. Mid-Atlantic SGIM, September 2023.
  • Murphy, E, Marr, R, Ashwini, N, Chokshi K.  Designing Well-Being Interventions: Turning the Pebbles in your shoes into Actionable Stepping Stones. National SGIM, May 2024—Upcoming.