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Utility of Predictive Systems in Diagnostic Errors (UPSIDE)

Diagnostic errors — delays in recognizing illnesses, problems with interpreting data, and cognitive mistakes that lead physicians to make incorrect clinical decisions — are a major quality of care challenge, one that leads to serious patient harms.


Many factors contribute to diagnostic errors, but key among them are foundational issues in healthcare: complex and fragmented care systems, the limited time available to providers trying to ascertain a firm diagnosis, and the work systems and cultures that support or impede improvements in diagnostic performance.


Inter-hospital transfer (IHT, the transfer of patients from one acute care hospital to another) is common among hospitalized medical patients. Despite this, there is a dearth of guidelines or data to help direct best practices regarding which patients most benefit from transfer, or conversely, which patients may be exposed to the risks of discontinuity of care without clear benefit from care received following transfer.