Patient Communication

Overview/Focus areas

The Patient Communication Working Group is currently working with the HOMERuN Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to shape our main topics of focus, considering all facets of communication—from the individual to structural—that provide opportunity for inquiry and improvement. The group is currently collaborating with the HOMERuN Medical Education working group and PFAC to present at a Friday collaborative call as the start of our first project. As a newer group, we look forward to continued collaboration and new project ideas to evolve our focus, while always maintaining the patient perspective at the center of our work.

Vision: To transform patient and family experiences of hospitalization by supporting the care team in adopting and practicing patient and family centered communication.

Mission: Our mission is to understand and establish best practices for patient-clinician communication for hospitalized adults and their families.

Values: Patient-and family-centered; supporting clinicians and care teams; collaborative; working in partnership.

Strategic Goals

Disseminate best patient and family centered communication practices.


Review wellness measurement literature

Tactic: Focus on best practices

Tactic: Share best practices and training opportunities

Tactic: Identify priority areas for communication

Ideas: Site share to describe landscape of available communication trainings and education for hospitalists and learners

Ideas: Partnership with Medical Education Working Group

Focus groups

How the group works to achieve HOMERuN Vision and Mission

To transform patient care by fostering, a culture of innovation, collaboration, and support for hospital, medicine teams, dedicated to discovering, evaluating, and implementing breakthroughs in healthcare.

Empower and nurture hospital, medicine, teams to develop and implement innovative solutions to elevate the quality, safety, equity, and value of care for hospitalized patients from hospitalization to recovery.

Patient centered, collaborative, diversity, generalizable, effective, sustainable

Our group seeks to evaluate and optimize communication within hospital medicine care delivery systems. We seek to enhance patient-provider communication by leveraging the patient and caregiver perspective to assess and implement best practices. This work will build off HOMERuN’s vision and mission by exploring how communication initiatives can transform patient care and foster collaboration, equity, effectiveness, and satisfaction within hospital medicine work for patients, providers, and teams.

Current Projects:

Collaborative Team Lead Names

Nicole Curatola, MD, University of California, San Francisco

Member names and institutions:

  • James Harrison, PhD, University of California, San Francisco
  • Angela Keniston, PhD, MSPH, University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Blair Golden, MD, MS, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
  • Monish Sheth, MD, SFHM, Baylor College of Medicine-Temple
  • Andrew White, MD, SFHM, University of Washington Hospital Medicine
  • Cathy Hanson, HOMERuN PFAC
  • Martie Carnie, HOMERuN PFAC
  • Jacqueline Alikhaani, HOMERuN PFAC
  • Beverly Rogers, HOMERuN PFAC
  • D’Anna Holmes, HOMERuN PFAC
  • Gina Symczak, HOMERuN PFAC
  • Melissa Wurst, HOMERuN PFAC
  • Patricia Evans, HOMERuN PFAC
  • Jim Banta, HOMERuN PFAC




Landscape assessments of available communication trainings and education for hospitalists and learners.

Patient Communication Affinity Group


Priority topics for hospitalists related to communication with patients and families.

Patient Communication Affinity Group



None to date