HCA-CHARGE  Consortium

Risk Stratification Scores and Prediction of Clinical Outcomes Among COVID-19 Patients


This study used the COVID-19 Consortium of HCA Healthcare and Academia for Research GEneration (CHARGE) dataset to determine whether bedside risk assessment scores could predict poor outcomes for hospitalized COVID-19 patients who presented to an emergency department within a large national system of 186 hospitals. We found that, neither commonly used bedside sepsis mortality prediction scores (qSOFA, NEWS2, the Shock Index) nor a COVID-specific bedside risk score (qCSI) reliably predicted hospital prognosis in patients with COVID-19 when using data collected at hospital admission. It is unknown whether these same scores calculated over the course of admission would more accurately predict poor outcomes. This study highlights the challenges of estimating outcomes in patients presenting with COVID-19. More accurate approaches to risk stratifying illness severity in COVID-19 are needed.


Prasad P, Correia J, Fang MC, et al. Performance of point-of-care severity scores to predict prognosis in patients admitted through the emergency department with COVID-19J Hosp Med. 2023 Apr 14.


Principal Investigator:

Priya A. Prasad, PhD, MPH