Preventability of Hospital Readmissions: Timing Matters

In this second study, we found that preventability is significantly lower in the first post-discharge week than later 3 (days 8-30). We also found that early readmissions were more significantly linked to premature discharge and physician cognitive errors, while the later readmissions were significantly linked to poor access to ambulatory post-discharge care. These findings point to wider scope of accountability for readmissions beyond the hospital environment. They also signal that reductions in length of stay may also represent increases in premature discharges.

Principal Investigator
Kelly L. Graham, MD, MPH

Many experts believe that hospitals with more frequent readmissions provide lower-quality care, but little is known about how the preventability of readmissions might change over the post-discharge time frame.

To determine whether readmissions within 7 days of discharge differ from those between 8 and 30 days after discharge with respect to preventability.

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